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Next Generation Square Dancing

NexGen-SD ( is a website for people interested in learning more about 21st century Modern Square Dancing.

“It is the goal of NexGen-SD to try and shape the new image of Square Dancing by sharing our energetic style of dancing and new music to encourage both the young and/or the young at heart to try this activity.”

Square Dance Flourishes

There is a lively debate in the square dance world about “flourishes”. A flourish is something you add to the basic definition of a call to jazz it up a bit, such as clapping before “ping pong circulate”. Some callers hate flourishes, some tolerate them, and some love them. The same is true of dancers. I have even heard the argument, “Just let them dance!” being used on both sides of this debate. I guess it all depends on the boundaries of your own internal definition of square dancing, and the purpose of your dancing.

This link will take you to a list of “sound effects” that some dancers like to add to the calls. Beware of how you use them, as you may meet with some resistance from your fellow dancers or callers. It is especially important to keep them reined in while beginners are learning the basics.