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Gender is a Construct, Do-Si-Do

Funny or Die, a famous website for comedy videos, has just posted a video that uses the theme of square dancing to talk about gender and other social constructs.


Book: Dancing for Busy People by Calvin Campbell

“Dancing for Busy People” is a collection of over 400 dances using easy to teach dance movements. Most dances use only walking movements based on commonly used square dance terminology. Only 25 basics are used. The same basics are used for contra dances, trios, quadrilles, Sicilian circles, mescolanzas and many of the round dance mixers. Some special description of footwork is necessary for the no-partner dances.

You can contact Calvin to purchase the book at this link:

Spade Cooley Square Dance Music

Spade Cooley was a famous musician and actor in the 1940s to 1950s. His career was prematurely ended when he was convicted for the murder of his wife in 1961. He died while on a 72-hour furlough from prison in 1969.


This is a little box set of Spade Cooley 45 RPM square dance records without calls. The records were in great shape. Strange green color translucent vinyl. Tunes included Ida Red, To The Barn, Flop Eared Mule, Waggoner, Wake Up Suzie and Eighth of January. If you don’t know Spade Cooley you could sum up his music by saying he’s the Spike Jones of Western Swing music.

Listen to the album on Soundcloud: