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Promoting Square Dance: One Square Global

One Square Global

From their website:

One Square Global is an organisation with the purpose to market and promote Square Dance. It is a nonprofit organisation, politically and religiously independent. The idea is that all Square dancers in the world belong together, that we stand united, in One Square.

On this site we gather good ideas and enthusiastic thoughts about Square Dance and how to spread the activity to more people. How do you plan club dances in your country? What do you do to attract new dancers? Please share your best ideas with the rest of the world.

Square Dance Club Options – Impact Analysis Worksheet

This worksheet (Square Dance Club Options) is designed to help clubs think about their policies and the impact of their policies on the composition of their clubs. It is fine for clubs to have whatever policies they like, but it is also important to take into consideration how certain policies encourage or discourage certain people from wanting to join the club. There is no magic set of policies that will make square dancing clubs appeal to everyone. The important point is to think of your target audience and make sure your policies make your club appealing to those kinds of people.

You can download the file as a pdf or as a word processing document through Google Drive. You can download the word processing document by clicking on “File” and then “Download as…”.

News Article: Square Dancing Makes You Smarter and Healthier

Article in the Comox Valley Echo (British Columbia, Canada) about square dancing.

A major 21 year study led by the Albert Einstein College of Medicine in New York City with a focus on whether physical or cognitive recreational activities influenced mental acuity. They studied such activities as reading, writing, crossword puzzles, playing cards and playing musical instruments. They also studied physical activities like tennis or golf, swimming, cycling, dancing and walking. Dancing came out near the top as an activity that assists in rewiring our neural pathways and thereby helping our mental acuity. Dancing integrates several brain functions at once – kinesthetic, rational, musical and emotional. And square dancers experience all of this and more!

Square Dancing Makes You Smarter and Healthier
September 2, 2014