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Square Dance Caller Resource: Ocean Wave Resolution Technique by Dave Wilson

There are many different ways to control choreography in square dancing (reading from a page, using modules, using a mental image of the square, sight calling), but no matter what you do, you have to resolve the square at some point. Here is one method for resolving that uses ocean waves as the beginning point. This technique can be used when sight calling.

Square Dance Caller Resource: Cheatsheets on Resolving from a Two-Faced Line

Being a beginner caller can be extremely overwhelming. There are so many things you have to keep in mind when you are calling, such as formation, arrangement, sequence, and relationship, not to mention timing, rhythm, clarity of your voice, etc. Anything that can be done to simplify the task so you can concentrate on fewer things at once is highly welcome!

Here are some cheats sheet that will help you learn to resolve any square from normal (non-sashayed) two-faced lines (boys on the ends).

These cheat sheet let you think primarily about getting your square into a normal two-faced line. Then, you just follow the instructions to resolve the square. I am currently using this as my go-to resolution method so I can practice calling extemporaneously based on formation. I watch to see what formation appears (ideally, I should be able to guess accurately ahead of time, but that doesn’t always work!) and then call something “legal” from that formation. When I have played enough, I put the couples into normal two-faced lines and resolve.

I learned these methods from Richard Reel’s site.