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The Asian Square Dance

I’m going to make a new category for the term “square dance” being used figuratively, so we can gain some insight into how it is being used that way outside of square dance circles.

The “Modern Diplomacy” website has an ongoing series about diplomacy in Asia, that it has entitled “The Asian Square Dance”. I think the figurative use of square dance in this case refers to how the situation in Asia involves more than just bilateral relations between two countries (i.e. one couple), but seems to be a constant stream of partnerships and disputes between a larger number of stakeholders. The image of a “grand square” comes to mind, but with more partners meeting up and setting off again, and not done in such an orderly or predictable way.


Square Dance by Justin King

Sometimes people use the words “square dance” to describe things that have little or nothing to do with square dancing. Often, the use is pejorative, since so many people have preconceived notions of square dancing that are, shall we say, not flattering. In this case, though, I think Justin King is doing us a favour with this title. He is clearly an extraordinarily talented artist, and it is an honour to be associated with this calibre of music. Thanks, Justin!

Book: Square Dance Saga by Becky Corwin-Adams

When middle-aged couple Reggie and Abbie Bartlett moved to a new town, they found themselves in need of exercise and a little excitement. Intrigued by a classified ad for square dance lessons, they sign up. As they progress from beginners to “official” square dancers, they get much more than they bargained for.

Follow the zany adventures of the couple and their interesting new friends, including one tenacious lady who insists on tackling the male and female parts of the dances, even though she can’t get through one dance without breaking down the square and one cantankerous old codger who enjoys speaking his mind, no matter who he’s insulting.

Available on

Square Dance Toy? Mickey Mouse Farm Playset

Is this the world’s only square dance toy?

Mickey's Farm Set

It’s so much fun down on the farm with Mickey Mouse and his silly animal-rounds! Take your animals around on a ride all the way to the top of the silo! Watch as they tip into Mickey’s helping hand and swoosh to the other side activating the windmill!

When all the work on the farm is done, Mickey, Minnie, and the farm animals put on their dance shoes for a hoedown! All the characters dance and twirl away to a fun farm tune, sounds and phrases!

This toy is available on Amazon.

Ten Little Mice (Mouse Square Dance)

The song “Ten Little Mice (Mouse Square Dance)” appeared in Walt Disney’s Story of The Country Cousin (after Aesop – way after) record. This record is an album version of The Country Cousin, and it is narrated by Sterling Holloway, with music by Salvatore Camarata.

country cousin

You can listen to the song here. Scroll to April 8, 2015.

It’s a very typical example of what non-square dancers think square dancing sounds like.

Wombles Square Dance

Cute, but not quite right.

Square Dance Lyrics

Swing your partners Womble-style,
Dosey-doe with a Womble-smile,
Step to the left, step the right,
I wish we could square-dance every night!

Knees a-pumping, elbows high,
Soon we’ll serve some Womble Pie.
The fiddler’s working well for you,
We might square-dance the whole night through!

Womble fast and Womble slow,
That’s the way the music goes:
Up and down and round and round
Underground and overground!

Swing your partners Womble-style,
Dosey-doe with a Womble-smile,
You’ll square dance the whole night through
When … and … dance with you

(Sorry, I couldn’t catch that last line. Can you?)

Underground, overground
Wombling through
This is the Womble square dance
And we’re doing it for you

Boxing Match Between Mayweather and Pacquiao Referred to as “Square Dance”

It seems that the fight between Floyd Mayweather and Jr. and Manny Pacquiao, which was apparently billed as “The Fight of the Century” (although I, personally, think that is a bit ambitious a label to bestow in the first 15% of a century) left some people underwhelmed.

I doubt either of those men are smart enough to know how to square dance.