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Video: Comparing Grand Squares

From the video description:

These two dances share the grand square figure and yet there are 300 years and an ocean separating the dances. The Berea College Country Dancers juxtapose the two dances to show their similarities. The music and the two styles reflect the differences between the nobility in England in 1665 and the cowboys of the American west in 1940.

Video: Dance to the Music and Listen to the Calls: The Square Dances and Calling of Jerry Goodwin

Description from YouTube:

Larry Edelman produced this video in 1987 while studying square dance calling with Jerry Goodwin. The apprenticeship was supported by a grant from the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania Council on the Arts. Recorded at the Prosperity Fire Hall in western Pennsylvania the video features Jerry Goodwin calling with the Mountain Express (Chuck Monticello, fiddle; Joe Frye, guitar; Bob Hill, piano; and Dodie Goodwin, bass).