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Unusual Square Dancing Taunt in Team Fortress

So, apparently, there is a video game called Team Fortress 2 and in this game, you can “taunt” your opponents in various ways. One unusual way to taunt them is with a square dance (or, technically, with making your opponent do an arm swing).

This is another example of square dancing appearing in popular culture and not quite getting it right.

Square Dance Rap by Sir Mix-A-Lot

This is another example of how square dance is (mistakenly) perceived by the general public. This song was kind of made in the style of square dancing, at least. Coolio’s song Ghetto Square Dance doesn’t have anything to do with square dancing (as far as I can tell). Eminem’s song at least mentions “do-si-do”, but that’s setting the bar rather low.

WARNING: Explicit and vulgar lyrics.