Square Dancing in War of the Worlds (1953)

The 1953 movie War of the Worlds features a square dance! If you search the script, which is available online, you can see several references to square dancing.

There’s a square dance at the social hall this evening.

A hickory limp and an ole burned stump –
Go meet your honey and everybody jump!
Now promenade two and promenade four –
Promenade that pretty gal all around the floor.
Now face your lady and make a bow,
She’s a pretty one you’ll allow!
Point the heel and point the toe –
Now you’re makin’ a do-si-do.
Mom – there’s a chicken in the bread-bin
A-peckin’ at the dough!
One more change and on we go.

Yes. And you know what I was thinking? If we could gather all the energy expended in just one square dance, we could send that meteor back to where it came from.

You never know where you’re going to wind up when you go to a square dance!

I never noticed before – that’s a cowboy tie….

I bought it for the square dance. I thought I ought to wear something Western.


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