Learning to Dance: Moving and Grooving

Moving and Grooving is a series of eight CDs and 169 page instruction manual that will help people in schools and communities learn how to square dance. It was created by Nick and Mary Anne Turner of Williams Lake, British Columbia, Canada. The first section, called “Moving”, teaches some traditional square dancing. The choreography is quite simple and can be applied to many different kinds of music. This is a good way to warm up a group. The second section, called “Grooving”, teaches modern square dancing. There are ten units in total. All of the teaching and calling is on the CDs, so teachers and community groups can use these CDs to teach the art and sport of square dancing without a great deal of previous knowledge.

4 thoughts on “Learning to Dance: Moving and Grooving”

    1. Great to see mention of British Columbia’s “Moving and Grooving” workbook and CD-set, a program for schools and community groups where a local caller isn’t available. Kudos to the Turners of Williams Lake, B.C., (former teachers) for assembling such an excellent teaching tool! You’ll find it all online at: http://movingandgrooving.squaredance.bc.ca/index.html

      To order, click in the left margin on “Order Form.” Fees are shown, including shipping. Happy dancing to all! Brian Elmer, Volunteer Chairperson, SQUAREUPB.C. – a marketing initiative of the non-profit British Columbia Square & Round Dance Federation, Canada


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