Square Dance Song and Album by Kitsune²

Kitsune² is one pseudonym used by the Canadian artist Ren Queenston, also known as Renard and a bunch of other names. (Renard is fox in French and Kitsune is fox in Japanese). On his website Lapfox Trax, he introduces his work like this:

Music by Ren Queenston under a number of different aliases, each sporting their own musical style. an ambitious attempt to explore everything from ridiculous, goofy hardcore to dreamy (or nightmarish) ambient work.

For some reason, he has called one of his albums “Square Dance”. The first track (after the minute+ long intro) is also called “Square Dance”. The first track goes from 1:05 to 3:47. This particular incarnation of his music seems to be inspired by the background music in video games.

I’m not really sure what the song or the album have to do with square dancing. I’m adding this to the “not quite right” category (where I add instances of square dancing appearing in popular culture that don’t quite represent actual square dancing) as the tempo is far too fast for square dancing and I can’t discern any other aspects of the music that relate to square dancing.

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