Square Dance Caller Resource: Flashcards for Seeing Sequence

Do you have trouble seeing sequence? It can be a bit counter-intuitive to spot sequence because the order is counter-clockwise. You just need to train your brain to see it, and that takes practice (unless you are one of those people who can just see things like this without having to think about it deeply).

Download these flashcards and cut them out to help you quickly see sequence. These flashcards test whether couples are in sequence, but this learning can be applied to testing whether boys or girls are in or out of sequence.

Square Your Dance – Flashcards – Sequence
(printed cards)

Or, you can save paper and use your computer or handheld device to test yourself on the following site.

Square Your Dance – Flashcards – Sequence
(online cards — you will need a free Study Blue account to use these)

Hints for seeing In Sequence pattern

  • #1 couple is pushing #2 couple around the square (counter clockwise direction)
  • #1 couple should not be “ahead” of #2 couple

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