Square Dance Caller Resource: Cheat Sheet on Preserving and Changing Formations

I am a very new caller, and I am trying to find ways to organize all of the information that I need to put in my head in order to become a good caller. I decided to share any resources I make in case any other new callers find them useful. These resources will not likely be useful to veteran callers (except maybe to give out to new callers!) because this information is already in their heads. Also, there is a VERY HIGH possibility that I have made mistakes as I am a newbie caller, so please use these resources at your own risk! And if you find any mistakes, please feel free to let me know.

This resource is a cheat sheet that shows which calls will preserve a particular formation, and which will change it. It can be used as a cheat sheet when calling extemporaneously, or as a study tool. It was created on A3 size paper, so you may need to adjust your printer settings if you print it out.

Square Dance Cheat Sheet – Preserving and Changing Formations

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