Our Favourite Square Dance Music in 2014 – Results

Here are the results of the “My Favourite Square Dance Music in 2014” survey.

Our Favourite Patter Music

  • Blurred Lines by Robin Thicke (2 votes)
  • Bones
    Has a good beat and feels good. Dancers love it too
  • Busy Buzzy (EGO 903)
    It’s fast but still smooth and somewhat Jazzy.”
  • Chaka Chaka
    Like the energetic rhythm and the voices Dancers start moving before you even start calling patter.
  • Cocoon
  • Electric Daisy Violin by Lindsey Sterling.
    A fellow caller and friend from Maryland recently used a piece of patter music called Electric Daisy Violin by Lindsey Sterling. I like this because it is a good tune, and Lindsey Sterling recently performed on Americas Got Talent, the show on which she was a contestant at one point in time. This piece of music has a very 2014 and modern sound that people of today will relate to.
  • Fuji Mountain Breakdown (RIV 295).
    I am a new caller (less than one year of experience) and I find that the song Fuji Mountain Breakdown is really easy to call to. As a dancer, I love the beat. It makes me want to get up and dance.
  • Fur Elise
  • Happy
  • I Don’t Feel Like Dancing by Scissor Sisters
    Has a beat and nobody seems to notice it’s about not wanting to dance.
  • Let’s Get Loud
    Just a great, popular piece of music.
  • Mana Malohi by Te Vaka
  • Maybe It’s a Hoedown – RR
    Love the beat and also the original song.
  • Moves like Jagger
  • Music Box Dancer
  • Pumped up Kicks
  • Rain Dance
    It’s over 16 minutes long so you don’t need to restart it, has a upbeat sound
  • Ruby
    It is traditional country music.
  • Sizzlin (ESP)
    lively and fast.
  • Somebody That I Used to Know
    Because it’s modern!! And has a good beat!
  • Swamp Thing
    Makes you want to move!
  • What Does the Fox Say by Ylvis

Our Favourite Singing Music

  • Back in the Saddle Again
    Nice flowing tune
  • Beautiful Noise
  • Call Me Maybe
  • Can’t Take My Eyes Off of You
    Bringing back the wonderful days of 60’s pop, but with some impact… produced with some flavor of the original.
  • Crawdad Song (RIV 240)
    I like The Crawdad Song. Oh, I just realized these are both Riverboat songs! This song is in a good range for my voice — which is not true of most songs as I am a female caller. This version is sung by Wade Driver and Dee Dee Dougherty and I love how their voices sound together.
  • Don’t Worry About Me
    It is traditional country music
  • Downtown Train
  • Edge of Glory by Lady Gaga
    It is modern and has some rock!!!
  • Heavens Promenade
    Every year a club suffers the passing of a fellow dancer, leaving behind a husband, wife, brother, sister, etc. This song is a great way to say good by and bring comfort and hope to those left behind.
  • Home (EGO 106)
    Great music! Modern and well done, shows off my voice 🙂
  • I Can’t Get No Satisfaction (Fine Tune)
    2014 release, Hugely recognizable from 30 down (was also used in some movie) and like a few of the labels you mentioned, NOT the tired boom/chuck of 2 labels that were mentioned, and the other ones since time began
  • Just the Way You Are
  • Long Live Rock and Roll by Gold Rush Records
    The caller on the record is Shawn Brown. I like this singing call because it is modern and a lot of younger people will identify with it because it was a popular new song by the artist Daughtry from his new album Baptized.
  • Mercy (NB 306)
    Kind of bluesy
  • Need You Now (Rhythm Records)
  • Nothing But a Good Time by Ted Lizotte (ECO)
  • Rock Me, Baby
    Great sing along song! And I love country music.
  • Rocky Top
    Because it’s upbeat, fast and a good pump song!
  • Seven Little Girls
    A dancer’s and caller favourite alike.
  • Shortnin Bread (Red Boot)
    Gets everyone moving.
  • Theme from Monday Night Football
  • Wagon Wheel – RR
    A song my dancers love so much.

Other Stuff We Want to Say

  • Square Dance record producers such as Royal Records, Ego Recordings, Crest Recordings, Gold Rush Records, and Rhythm Records, etc. are releasing music that sounds truer and truer to the original song. They are also releasing a wide variety of modern music as well as music that younger people love and can relate to. This is a fantastic opportunity for dancers around the country to market this activity to the public, by capitalizing on this music, modernizing the dress code, and showing the public that we have younger people so that they will be more inclined to join. Image and the amount of time it takes to learn are our two biggest obstacles.
  • I heart square dancing.
  • Traditional country music is where it is at.
  • Thanks for doing this. Can’t wait for the results.
  • We like your energy and want you to continue!!!
  • Also like, Parov Stelar – Jimmy’s Gang as Patter Music
  • I really lean to more updated music.
  • I have gotten great heart felt comments from those who have lost a loved one after doing a memorial tip at their clubs dance. Weeks after one such dance a woman told me she listens to the song every day in remembrance of her sister. It has bend a blessing to her soul.
  • My own music that I recorded. AEGO-101 Hip To Be Square, AEGO-102 The Way, http://www.ArtCalls.us
  • Thanks for trying to expose square dancing to an even larger audience… (<:
  • Love, love, love Square Dancing!
  • Perhaps adding a region place to this survey, as I travel a lot, I see that an particular area (2-3 states are most of the respondents 🙂
  • Let’s make square dancing cool again
  • Keep the music country, not the modern crap.
  • We need to start aggressively promoting this activity so it doesn’t die off.

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